Peak Valuation & Financial Planning, LLC

Helping businesses and individuals to reach the pinnacle of their financial success

Corporate Services

Providing guidance in creating a company’s vision, while developing the goals and objectives to support that vision.

Text Box: Strategic Business Planning
Text Box: Joint Venture Structuring

Designing of position descriptions & responsibilities, performance evaluations and compensation & benefits plans.

Text Box: Organizational Structure
Text Box: Merger & Acquisition Advising

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Text Box: Business Analysis

Conducting operations, product-line profitability and ROI analysis.

Advises in best business practices, continuous improvement opportunities and capital justification.

Text Box: Business & Asset Valuations

Conducts an acquisition analysis to ensure a proper strategic fit and  identifies opportunities for profit improvements.

Structures an agreement, then coordinates the acquisition/divestiture team.

Due diligence, the development of an integration plan and its implementation.

Development of benchmarks, tracking to benchmarks and Post Audit reporting.

Coaching-to-leadership involvement and aiding in presenting entities to the market.