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About Patrick John Lyons, Sr.

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                Patrick John Lyons, Sr. is both a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Advisor of Business Mergers & Acquisitions. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve, with a concentration in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Xavier University, with a concentration in Economics.


             Mr. Lyons’ more than 30 years of senior financial leadership expertise is a combination of executive positions in both the manufacturing and high volume service industries, which includes both major divisions within public companies and stand-alone private organizations that are closely held. His experience includes a hands-on problem solving and resolution of daily operating obstacles and a development of best practices, while partnering with senior management to remove barriers of progress and to ensure the achievement of organizational goals.


              In supportive and leadership roles over the previous 20 years, Mr. Lyons has been involved in more than 20 acquisitions and divestitures. His extensive experience includes working with numerous businesses requiring turnaround or repositioning to achieve expected or historical levels of profitability and market share. Mr. Lyons has also provided financial guidance to small and mid-size firms in a number of industries including medical practices, residential construction, and land development as well as to individuals.

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